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15. October 2013

IssyTec was amended to supply 4 pieces of API-614 lube oil systems, baseplate mounted, for the Pursi, Indonesia project. Ebara, Tokyo, Japan - one of the global leading pump suppliers - approved IssyTec as a supplier.

19. September 2013

The piston actuators and guide vane controls are GOST-R certified. The complete product portfolio is meanwhile certified for the Russian market. Lube oil systems are certified since 2008 and bear the GOST-TR and RTN-approval.

02. August 2013

IssyTec supplies replacements for Gulde cylinder to many well known customers like Basell, BASF, Borealis, OMV, Yara, DOW, Nippon Steel as one-to-one replacement with state-of-the-art design and optimized travel control stability.

05. July 2013

Larger, heavier, IssyTec. Two type PA400 actuators with rear two-axis turn unit were supplied for a Lybian power plant. The weight of each actuator was 320 kg.

21. June 2013

IssyTec supplies various lube oil systems for boiler feedwater pumps for power plants, engineered by Alstom. These will be installed at Carrington, UK and Bangkok, Thailand.

14. June 2013

IssyTec supplies the lube oil systems for the boiler feedwater pumps at Lausward, Germany. A cuccess story due to the seldom power plant projects at Germany – engineered by Siemens.

17. May 2013

A Gulde piston actuator DK200 was replaced one-by-one at Germanys largest refinery MiRo at Karlsruhe. IssyTecs unique technique is required at highest requierements on control reliability.

15. March 2013

IssyTec is awarded to supply a lube oil system in accordance to API614, Ch. 3 for explosive environment. It will be installed at PEMEX-Reffinery, Mexico.

08. February 2013

IssyTec supplies various guide vane piston actuators for onshore-/offshore projects. High grade SST with offshore-coating and guide vane control with highest precission is required.

18. January 2013

IssyTec engineers and supplies lube oil systems for a power plant in Chile with highest requirements in accordance to US standards.

04. January 2013

IssyTec standardized lube oil systems for lower oil consumptions for ATEX Zone 1 applications. Various options are available – including air-oil- and oil-water coolers wth temperature control.

10. December 2012

IssyTec published their new Website.
The IssyTec product portfolio with lube oil systems, piston actuators, guide vane control and more is now shown in a modern outfit.

Older News

22. June 2012

IssyTec supplied the hundredth piston actuator as Gulde replacement. All types of supplied actuators could be replaced. IssyTec piston actuator and guide vane controls show additional higher performance in control and cover higher side trusts. New designs for firstinstallations are already supplied for low temperature service, offshore installations and with GOST-TR, UL-, CSA- and IEC-/ATEX-approvals.

31. August 2011

IssyTec completed their product line in stainless steel piston actuators and guide vane controls. Materials 304SS/1.4301 and 316Ti/1.4571 are available - if required with addition coatings in accordance to specifications.

04. April 2011

IS Systemtechnik GmbH moved to their new location at Worms, Enzingerstrasse 139. Due to the continuous growth, the Frankenthal site came to its limits. Synergy effects are expected due to the fact, that manufacturing and engineering is at one site now.

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