Lube Oil Systems

  • High pressure and low pressure systems
  • Increase of bearing lifetime by temperature control (cooler, heater)
  • For oil maintenance
  • With oil-water and air-oil-cooler (available for extreme conditions)
  • Compact and medium demand systems
  • For ball and anti-friction-bearings
  • Various materials like c-steel and different stainless steels
  • In accordance to API-610, API-611, API-614 Chapter 1/2/3, API-673
  • In accordance to international specifications
  • Systems on baseplates, drop-in design or free standing
  • For cam lifting (separate system or integrated)
  • For highest tasks (eg. low temperatures, desert climate, on-/offshore, etc.)
Bild Ölversorgung 1
Lube oil system in acc. to EAC for ambient temperatures to -60 degC
Bild Ölversorgung 2
Lubrication of 8 machines with flow measurement