Piston Actuator and Guide Vane Control

  • Guide vane control on turbines and blowers and for valve mounting
  • Up to 5 stages
  • Up to 1.500.000 / 2.500.000 N at 6 / 10 bar standard
  • Control or on/off-applications
  • Double acting or single acting with internal/external spring
  • Control unit completely internally mounted for highest protection
  • Positioner mounting in accordance to Namur standards
  • Standard- and stainless steel versions
  • Special designs available (e.g. Low temperature, sour gas / NACE requirements, ammonia service etc.)
  • Front mounting (Standard, Gulde, special geometries)
  • Rear mounting (Up/down and/or right/left movements)
  • Replacement of old Gulde Piston Actuators
Image Guide vane actuator
Piston actuator for a salt valve on a reactor
Image piston actuator
Guide vane actuator on a blower application